Tuesday, July 26, 2005


go by quickly when you don't blog them.
On Friday, 22nd we had a pick-up day on "Time capsule" to shoot the court scene, lost the location & moved on to the field scene. Turns out I was not really needed and was spared 4-5 hours of bad traffic, thank you producers! I found out today I had a body double who took a couple lumps for me. My Physical Therapist & I will be sure to thank this guy!

Were going to pick up the courtroom scene on Thursday at a new location. Then I've got an audition for an Animated Feature in Santa Monica with Heidi Klein. Motion capture work, I've never auditioned for this before but it sounds fun. Also I just got a call for a Grad Thesis Film Audition Tues morning before the shoot. Stacking up to be a good actors-day.

Then I'll round it out by seeing The Birds: A Tail of Ornithic Proportions staring my friends Hal, Maria & Kim from the Spyants with an old buddy who's in town for the weekend.

I'm never sure how many names to mention or links to post. And do you ever get permission? Folks will probably laugh at that, go ahead, then tell me what you do.

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NiNi said...

{{{Vibes}}} on all of your current auditions, Bill!