Saturday, July 09, 2005


What the hell, I just typed up 3 posts, my longest yet & It is gone. Crap. Well, I was wondering about how much to put in this Blog & how much to leave out. For instance, the title "FBI" is now burned forever as a heading(title? topic?) And someday, most likely, I'll have a more exciting reason to post an FBI post. See?

Auditioned today for "FBI Guy #1" , had a real long story about the audition that I cant quite repeat now because its bedtime but I didn't think part of my read was the greatest and they asked me to stick around & read for the lead. Always happens like that. Hopefully I thought I sucked enough that I will book it. heh heh.

The other thing was that I booked a print job for Monday but it got snached away almost as quickly as I booked it. May have been communication problem. No worries, Monday will now hold something greater.

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