Tuesday, March 13, 2007

12 of 12 March 07

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad(click link) that I try to do every month. Two months back I promised that it was the last time I would be using my inferior T610 phone cam....that didn't happen yet, tune in next month.

6:20 am - My bed is pushed up against the faux built in mantle in my 1930's apartment. Thats an antique clock in the recessed area (with working outlet!).

6:30 - Here's a shot of the continuing construction out the window of my editing bay (which you might also call my office or my dining area). It is now up to my floor. No more view in a few days...I will miss the sunset through the palm trees over my monitors...luckily, 20 feet to my left I'll still catch that sunset (notice the edge of the new building on the left) out my main window.

6:45 am - An ode to this photo essay in the bachelory door of my shower.

7:02 am - Another shot to match with last month or time jumping cross post™ is the ground level progress of the condo construction that is effing with my sanity at times. Cross post is to myself last month.

4:00 pm - No pics taken at the part time day job today but here's my view driving the Legacy that I still love.

4:02 pm - Look I'm happy! And air conditioned! And wearing a blue shirt! Can you feel the All Wheel Drive™?

4:15 pm - A couple of the oil wells on Stocker Ave. between La Cienega & La Brea.

5:08 pm - Playing my SG for a bit. I'd like some lessons & maybe trade in for a 335. Guitars are terrific, you could almost say they rock.

8:15 pm - The legs of a few actors at Scriptwrights. I was not in this piece & covertly snapped this pic from the front row. Notice the hay - part of a show going on at the theatre right now.

9:54 pm - The very phone I plan to get my dirty little paws on, the Blackberry Pearl.

Cheating pic - I snapped this just after we wrapped the Honda shoot Thursday. I'm trying to show my hand...

Bonus pic - (also Cheating pic #2)I was trying to show the wedding ring. See it? It was once worn by Dustin Hoffman! Thats just how Dusty & I roll, feel the power. Bonus pic for this month was "green" which is the color of the light in the doorway behind me.


CondoBlogger said...

Great shots... been so long since I lived in L.A. I had forgotton about those oil pumps/wells! Wierd flashback!

Sorry about your view... maybe someone worth buying a telescope for will move in to the new building...

Claudine said...

Creative use of the "green" We have the same thing happening where we live. The new houses are making me nuts, and they took down all of our trees...