Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Had an audition for a SAG Ultra Low Budget(one of the new contracts, yes it pays) feature tonight with Bonnie Gillespie. I got to read twice because they were low on Dads. Its nice to read a second time sometimes. I tried to change it up a little on that second one, as one should. Between the two I think they saw much of what I wanted to do with this guy, which is all you can ask. We shall see. Have a print audition tomorrow. Last print job booked straight from the picture(nice) and I lost the gig due to some agent confusion(not as nice). This time there's an audition, in Pasadena. Action. And I'll be nice & loose from physical therapy.

Saw the SAG Foundation screening of "Secuestro Express" last night. Good yet brutally honest movie. I didn't realize how bad things were there. Mia Maestro & director Jonathan Jakubowicz spoke afterward. It was great to hear them and ...Mia is quite beautiful.

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