Sunday, November 12, 2006

12 of 12 November

The 12 of 12 is a fun project started by a guy named Chad(click link) that I try to do every month. Today I was working as a proctor at the Chiropractic National Board test. Actors have weird Bi-Annual jobs.
6am - My first (and only) obligatory "Way to effin early" mirror shot.

7am - The lovely Rachel (my co-proctor...we wear the badge!) on the right & the lovely Dana (SP coordinator & big chief) on the left.

7:30am - Life size acupuncture training statue (the AcuOscar) This one has a small loin cloth & we're looking out a couple of the cool square windows.

8am - Looking across campus...sometimes the crappy phone cam™ just doesn't get it.

9am - The rotation board for the exam. Don't touch, damnit!

10am - The largest block of the cool square windows with foliage. There's some cool architecture here.

11am - These are on top of the doors of the training rooms we use to crash out in (not part of the live exam)

11:01 - Warning!

1pm - We got the tiny TV to work in the break room and the Steeler game was on. We Won!

2pm - As a proctor, we can officially look into the "staff only" room. Those are shelves full of Chinese herbs on the left, going all the way back. It smelled nice & healthy.

2:30 - Theres Tim posing with one of many cool body cut away charts.

3pm - Here's the AcuOscar that is anatomically correct. The red scarf was put on by some modest person. It got moved back & forth several times over the weekend. Funny shit. (I got busted once - heh heh)

4pm - This months bonus picture theme was "Thanksgiving" Getting onto the 10 meant I was almost home after a very long weekend.

Welcome other 12 of 12ers, feel free to leave a comment/take a look around.

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