Friday, November 24, 2006


Today I am cumulatively grateful for the other auditions I had this short week.
Jackson-Hewitt for Ross Lacy casting - No callback although Stephon got one. Book it man.
Kia for Deborah Kurtz - fun as hell, would love to call back on this one.
"Dirt" for Fiorentino/Mangieri/Weidman - This was my first Episodic audition in a while & I was psyched to be back in the FMW offices again. They've called me in a bunch in the last couple years. I saw Jonathan there, a fellow blogger who I previously only knew online.

Also I really enjoy the Vietnamese summer rolls (although I think they're really spring...?) I get at the Korean market food court just down the street. Light & delicious & perfect for post overindulging gobble day. Add them to my gratitude list, and the whole restaurant really as I regularly get Pho there, and the occasional #7.


Stephon Fuller said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy. Let's take this town by storm and book something soon!! You and me!


Lipp said...

Terrific idea Stephon, I'm in!