Friday, November 03, 2006

Back in the saddle

Auditions are picking up it seems. Had to miss 2 last week due to flying back east but it got busy at the end of the week here a bit: Time Warner commercial for Jane Doe Casting and AIG for Joe Blake. And get this, they were both on Friday, an hour apart and right next to each other in the same casting office, 200 S LaBrea! I thanked the casting gods. Both were good. I am going in to Joe Blake a lot recently/this year...I feel I will book with him soon. My audition was with a real great kid playing my daughter, we ran lines & talked about Halloween before going in. She likes Rolo's.

Then it was straight to another great Howey class. If you are an actor in need of a better class, I highly recommend this one. Highly.

Today's audition was for a SAG Modified Low Budget short. I think it went real well, I really connect to this character & liked the folks in the room. We shall see.

And we finish off (or start the new week, depending on your prefs) with a theatre audition Sunday. Onward.


PDD said...

I deal with actors everyday. The ones who are dedicated always stick out in my mind.

You seem dedicated.

I think I ought to link you.

Give me til tomorrow if I get a chance on line. Like I said, I deal with actors everyday and sometimes it runs into the night. That's why I have no time




Lipp said...

Thanks pdd.
You seem pretty dedicated yourself ... although It's hard for me to pay attention with your profile (and current post's) pic staring me in the face.
heh heh

Erin O'Brien said...


Any kid who likes Rolo's is okay with me.

Lipp said...

Erin: She shared a Rolo with me, we bonded.