Monday, November 20, 2006

Steelers spank Browns in their own house

Yup, that title says it all! After a lackluster start the Steel is back in the game. That sorta goes for the whole season as well as this game. And the sniveling of some browns fans about the loss is just gravy on the cake. Thats right, cake-gravy brownies, eat it!


Hal said...

Okay, Lipp. Yes, you guys won in our house.

However, had Braylon Edwards brought in that pass at the end of the game it would have been a different story.

Still, Pittsburgh won, and they looked as good in doing so as they did in the Super Bowl. ie, Mr. 9 for 21's three first half interceptions. Lucky they did, because they'd be in LAST PLACE if they hadn't.

Go Browns!

Lipp said...

Hal - Thanks for the gravy!

Shannon said...

i don't know you but i know hal and i'm a browns fan and i think i'm gonna have to hurt you now.

Lipp said...

Please be gentle. Steelers have had a rough season & so have I.
Plus Hal was just askin' for it!

Thanks for the gravy.