Monday, August 08, 2005


Had an audition today for a Scion industrial with CD Jeff Hightower. Luckily my friend Cricket just purchased one of these refrigerators on wheels so I knew how to pronounce it. (like "Zion" with an "s") I think it went pretty well although I'm not sure I was what they were looking for, especially with the scruff face that I was "saving" for something else. On my way there I noticed the address & thought "Just north of Olympic, oh, why didn't they just say Westside?" Then after taking quite a while to park(luckily I was early but that made the "30 minutes only" spaces even more of a no-go. What's up with that? And there were only 4 auditions going on, ugh) I marched into 2050 S Bundy & soon realized I was in the wrong spot. Sure enough, I glanced at my notes & the address was "19 something" , which somehow my head thought meant drive to a new parking spot. So after walking about a 1/2 mile to my car, I drove 1/4 quarter mile north to my new spot, then walked 1/8th of a mile to 1990 S Bundy. Still on time, heh heh.

After the audition I went back ( a quick walk across the street) to Westside for drops. The piles were looking bigger than ever but I dropped a few anyway since its been a while & I was just feeling it.

My acting teacher from Denver, Bill Howey, has written an acting book called "The Actor's Menu" and I just found out my copy is on its way. Nice! I can't wait to read this book plus it's nice to feel special getting stuff before the general public does. Bill taught here in L.A. for a long time, at a highly esteemed school before moving to Denver. I was lucky enough to stumble upon his class there & would not be here in L.A. without it. (more on this class later)


Bonnie said...

Did you know Mercury was in Retrograde? We're all feelin' it extra hard right now, for some reason. :\

Can I add your acting teacher's book to my recommended reading list on Amazon or is it for sale through his page only? Lemmeknow.

NiNi said...


- I can vouch for Mercury Retrograde doing weirdness to the Burkart clan too. :o/ But it too shall pass.