Monday, August 15, 2005


Saw "Remember the Titans" tonight. I really liked it. Good story, great period (1971 is really the end of the 60's) Really great message, believable acting in a very large cast...great casting. Inspiring film. Saw a not quite as good John Favreau film last night. Equally inspiring though, in an Indie-I-got-this-story-and-I'm-gettin-it-out-there way.

I submitted for a Chekhov play Thursday, no call so far, might re-submit as I really want to read for this one. Been wanting to do a Chekhov play since I've been studying with Bruce Katzman, almost 2 years now. hmmm... I better check, it may be longer. OK, No checking needed its been over 2. Time to do some Chekhov! Or even Ibsen...maybe Shakespeare. Good. Done, I'm throwin it out to the universe.

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