Sunday, August 07, 2005


On Thursday I got to go to Scriptwrights (actors & writers weekly group) for the first time in 4 weeks. It was good to be back, see the folks & read some great stuff. I'll link to our website once its up. Had to miss the HHH/TalentPimp event deal. And I had to miss a screening of "Asylum" ...although I missed this one because it happened on Wednesday, except on my iCal. Oops.

I did not get the Print gig from tues, but it was a fun audition & nice group of gals down there. Perhaps they'll keep me in mind.

Got together a few mailers to CD's from referrals & sent them out Friday. I still have a bunch more "just wrapped" cards to go out. Always feels good to have stuff going out. It's time to pick up the drops a bit too.

Had to miss Blacklist Union last night, I was kinda wiped out with a headache. Really looking forward to seeing them soon though. Marie said it was rockin! Next time. I love the Rock, especially when friends are providing it, just cant fully enjoy with the thumpy temples.

Just got back from seeing my buddy Barnaby do standup at Miceli's (I'm feeling very link-y tonight) He was good. More polished than I expected, way to go Barnibus! It was an audience voting competition to move on to the next round kind of deal. He got robbed, but, at least 2 of the 4 who moved on deserved it so it was not a completely horrendous robbing. And, thankfully, there was not a ton of sucking tonight. Anyone who sees friend's comedy shows knows how that can go. Also it gave me a hankerin' put together a set & get up there. Haven't felt that in a while.

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