Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Did a drop at CD Shiela Manning's place today. Nobody was home but at least I got to see the new location. She said to stop by at the SAG Foundation event, so stop by I shall continue to do.

Got a copy of The Actor's Menu to a local trade publication yesterday. Looks like they'll review it in a couple months. Awesome! It's great to be helping out Bill & Carla, I would not be here in L.A. without them or their class.

Had a couple good phone meetings today, more on that later.[ Something just reminded me to call my buddy Matt (from the Pigs, scroll down)& wish him a happy, so I did]

Went for a hike at Runyon Canyon today. Still ended up with a headache, ah well. It's been nice to get out & hike a lot lately. Above is graffiti that is no longer there. I like it.

Looking forward to the screening of Little Victim on Saturday. Its the latest short from my friends Dean & Brian Ronalds. I've known Dean since Howey's class in Denver(yup, the same teacher from "the Actor's Menu" above) and I did the film A.W.O.L. with them. My pic on this blog is a still from A.W.O.L.

Interested industry folks & friends who would like to come -just click the poster to see a larger version and then email to RSVP.

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