Saturday, August 20, 2005


Auditioned for a Grad film on Thursday. I still do these every once in a while. First time I've been to the Art Institute. I don't think I was what they were looking for. Interestingly, my friend Annette from Bruce's Chekhov scene study was in just before me. It would have been great to read with a Friend whom I connect with well. Ah well at least we got to catch up & I'll be checking out her new show at the Stella Adler.

Friday I had another print audition. At Picture Arts Studio again, same as 2 weeks ago. Its always good to be called back in. It was for rugged yachting type men...perfect if you dig deep enough to find my Philly blue blood roots.

Wrap party for Time Capsule is cancelled for Sat. That's to bad, I believe the director, Levi got a gig though so good for him. Instead I'll be attending a play at Sacred Fools.

Alright, I never intended this blog to be some dopey movie review thing but on Tuesday I went to a screening of "Crash . Holy shit! Go. Also I went to a SAG Foundation screening of "The Baxter" followed by a Q&A with writer/director/actor Michael Showalter. Its always great to see fellow actors making their own stuff come alive.

Got a few more "just wrapped" mailers sent out yesterday to some CD's that regularly call me in. Always like getting those out, always more to do. Also had dinner with a friend/mentor & worked on a few connections to follow up on. More on that later but it should be good stuff!

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