Friday, October 07, 2005


Saw a screening of A History of Violence tonight at the Writers Guild. I enjoyed it, there were some really good performances & I'd call it good not great. Maria Bello spoke afterward. I dig her, heard her speak once before with Bill Macy after The Cooler screening and she seems very real, as do her performances. Or as Mike called her "hard core". Ratpackers Frankie & Millie
enjoyed it similarly. Oh yeah... they also gave us a soundtrack CD & copy of the graphic novel that this movie came from. That's fancy talk for Comic Book for those wondering.

No other auditions last week but I had a great conversation with an agent friend about "type". And there's another grad film audition Sunday.


kristyn said...

Dear Rumpled Friend,
I saw A History of Violence on Saturday. I am not so sure I really liked it. Some good performances and then some odd ones....a miscast actor or two. I would love to hear Maria's take on the random nude/bedroom scenes with Viggo....not so sure all were justified as a part of the story/character.
Just my two cents.
Your well-ironed friend,

Lipp said...

Obviously we need to play Breakfast Club, I will trade my hoop for your diamond.