Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two Dogs Inside

I read for this short flick that Bonnie Gillespie is casting called Two Dogs Inside, the details of which - including the script - are here. I read for the role of one of two hitmen, along with fellow Blogger, Hal Perry. It was a tad bit like Gus & Ben in Pinter's The Dumbwaiter, or Goldberg and McCann in The Birthday Party.

This made it a nearly perfect traffic/audition day as I had a commercial audition with Kathy Knowles for AOL one block away, 50 minutes earlier. I thank the traffic gods.

It looks like things are picking up for me commercially, just got word that I have a Coors audition with Francene Selkirk-Ackerman tomorrow. I've read with Francene a bunch of times before, called back a few times & regularly keep in touch with drops/cards. I've been wanting to do a Coors spot since I got here from CO. See, we always wished they would cast them in Denver when I was acting there. I even did a huge Industrial for them part of which looked exactly like the national spot at the time. So it'd be a nice full circle to book one now. Why not.

Yesterday I sent out a bunch of postcards & submissions & I'm a little behind in my blogtivity so rather than continuing to go backwards I'll fill in with some 'old' posts later.

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NiNi said...

There is nothing better than getting to audition/read WITH great people! LOVE that.