Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Had an audition today for an eHarmony industrial with Pam Giles. I hadn't seen Pam in a while so that's good. I think it went alright. My partner was a little excited when I first showed up, "oh good, a man, wanna run sides, how many pages do you think we'll do, I think we're next, they were running short of men, oh you probably want to settle in huh?" Me: "yeah, I think I'll sign in first". heh heh. She ended up being a nice gal, just a little excited at the beginning.

Did all the V/O for The Overseer yesterday at the student's apartment as he couldn't get a sound stage. Hmmm. Well, lets just say I remember what its like to have 4 guys around 20 living in one place. So I think he got some good stuff & I saw a little of the footage. Could be a nice short!

Scriptwrights was fun as usual. The rumor is we should have the website up soon.

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Hal said...

Hey there Lipp,

If you don't book eHarmony this time, chances are, Pam will bring you back. She may have said that she's been working on this thing all year, and it seems like it's a long way to being finished, so you never know.

Did you do "Chemistry 101?"