Sunday, October 02, 2005


Had to miss an audition for a grad film yesterday due to work. After work I met up with some Dalt's Gangers over at El Cholo in Santa Monica & my lovely cousin Valerie even showed up. Good grub, good friends, what a fun time. And check out Valerie in her National Remax commercial that just started running. I have not seen it yet but I understand she's driving a house through the streets of Suburbia, U.S.A. Go Val!

Second & final night of shooting on "The Overseer". Shot the scenes in my "lab" in the late afternoon then A long night of shooting the scenes with my co-star, Megan Michaels. We had a good time & I think we got some good stuff, including the happy accident of a non-working-after-dark-fountain turning into a beautiful reflecting pool.
Here's a phone cam pic of me in the"Lab".

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NiNi said...

Wish I could hook up with Daltsters in-person! Sometime soon, I WILL get out to LA for at least a good visit.

"The Overseer" looks very intriguing. Curiosity is quite piqued over here... :o)