Friday, October 21, 2005

Another Dog

Went to the callback for "Two Dogs Inside" this morning after a super early chiro appointment with the amazing Dr. B. Needless to say I was loose & ready & had a blast! Read with 4 or 5 guys including The Perry, got some redirects & played around a lot. After a ton of callbacks with Bon, it would be nice to finally book one. I know, in the next 20 years we will work together a crapload, now just seems like a perfect time to start.

After the audition Hal & I grabbed some sammies at Bay Cities Deli. Friday special was beef milianese (sp?) ... wicked freakin' awesome sandwich.

I think Coors went well yesterday, stopped to do some commercial drops on the way home.

Yesterday I went to a screening of "The Squid & the Whale" with Fran. Quite an enjoyable 1.2 million Indie. Afterwards Jeff Danials spoke to us about his process, career, making of this film, opportunity, his theatre company etc. Good stuff, I like the guy & he was great in this film. Amongst other things, he talked about being really ready when your 2 minutes in front of the right person happen. His was sitting an audition for "Terms of Endearment" after 7 years of doing theatre in N.Y. when his happened.

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NiNi said...

((((Booking vibes)))) BIG TIME!!