Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It feels good to start off the new year with a callback. Or I guess maybe I finished off last year with a good audition? Maybe a little of each. I actually finished off the year with 4 commercial auditions last week when it was kinda slow, so I was already psyched about that. Plus I think we rounded the corner on this f'n migraine thing (that's what all the Borg equipment in previous posts was trying to figure out) which makes a generally happier actor in the audition room & everywhere else.

So, this callback is with Ava Shevitt for Home Depot. She's called me a few times since I've been with Janet/Origin and this is the first CB... as a matter of fact, I had a CB on my very first audition through (can I stop calling them my new agent(s) now? I think so) Janet but have not had another until now. That was starting to concern me until I realized that many CD's are calling me in repeatedly and , of course, ya just never know, don't sweat it, etc. etc.

As I'm typing this another audition came in for tomorrow: Sprint with Francene Selkirk-Ackerman, whom I've read for many times over the years. Hmmm, and now that I think about it I believe I had a callback there a few months back--ok, nevermind, I just checked & that was with the old agent so the above post stands. I think.

Also as I type I'm watching a wicked awesome sunset. Here's a Sony-Ericsson T610 rendering of a similar "Hotel California" type sunset earlier this year. The view right over my monitors.


kristyn said...

Woo hoo....it has been my personal mission to bring the word "wicked' back to the West Coast. Nice to see a "wicked awesome" in your post.
Happy New Year!

Bonnie said...

Have you considered the possibility that your migraines are (like mine were) caused by a gluten intolerance?

Just wonderin'.

Love you, bro.

Frances Uku said...

happy new year, mein manager - hope it's migraine-free and filled with bookings galore!