Monday, January 16, 2006


Despite being 9 point underdogs, playing on Indie's home turf & some bad officiating, the Pittsburgh Steelers have advanced to the conference championship. They play Denver next Sunday then on to the Superbowl!

Bob splurged on some tasty bait to compliment our very "LA" football breakfast.


Bruce said...

Pittsburg goes down this weekend


Hal said...

Actually, Lippage, Pittspuke has to get past Denver before the Seahawks mop up the floor with them.

Lipp said...

bruce - You signed up for a Blogger profile just to say that? lol , We just beat everyones choice to go all the way. Reveal yourself and I'll keep the comment up.

Lipp said...

Hal - Well, you're partially correct. My bad for the typo, I'm pretty sure I was still having palpatations from the last 5 minutes of that game when I posted! I'll go fix it.

And now you're a Seattle fan? What about your beloved Browns, Bandwagon jumper? Aren't you worried how comfy they are watching the playoffs from their livingrooms?

Hal said...

Since Seattle is my adopted hometown, I hold an allegiance with their teams, too, even if most of them sucked most of the time (especially rhe Mariners lately, but I digress).

As a matter fact, I held Hawks season tickets during the Browns undefeated years. So there's no bandwagoning happening here, mister.

Lipp said...

Hey Bruce, How did that prediction of yours work out?



heh heh heh... Feel the Steel.