Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Audition in Lisa Fields office as a somewhat out of control golfer. No problem there! I like this office, my last time there was the first audition with Origin.

The callbacks for Comcast at ASG & Sprint at Francene Selkirk-Ackerman went ok but slightly odd. At ASG for the Drifter character about 1/2 the guys were coming in for the first time straight to the c/b. Not the best thing to see but on the other hand it's nice when your agent can get you straight to c/b with a CD if you were busy for the first audition. So no biggie. I get in the room , get the new explanation & do it. Get a couple notes & right when I start the second read a giant, evil eyelash comes slashing into my left eye. Luckily blinking made it feel worse, like stabbing motions. Blinking furiously away and continuing on I wonder if I should stop (of course all this happens in a second or two) or plow through. I decide to plow through as we had some business to do looking down which would hide my fluttering eye and/or give the giant log a chance to pop out. Somehow it popped out without making a ruckus & I believe I gave them what they wanted, they said thanks & I left. Hopefully they didn't think I was winking at them (as the tough guy drifter) to help get the job.

At the sprint callback they liked my read & gave it a minor adjustment. A similar adjustment comes before the 3rd read when I take the opportunity to pop about a third of an altoid in my mouth, as it was a bit dry. Now I decided not to mention this altoid moment because I felt I could do it on the sly while they were explaining. And I did pop the little moisture generating nugget in there quite stealthfully ...along with a nice piece of shirt-pocket-string.
Director: if there were more people around.

Bill: thwppt, pfft, Yes, ok...

Session runner: Action

Bill: Just a sec, lemme chew this mint real quick. OK

Session runner: Action

And they thank me & I leave, thinking and/or hoping I gave them what they wanted. Hopefully they didn't think I was tongue waggling (as the trustworthy casual businessman) to help get the job.

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Glad to see you blogging more, bro.