Friday, January 27, 2006


I was at my second audition today at 200 S. LaBrea & it was packed. One of those days when you can just feel the energy & are happy to be in the business. Walking in from my rockstar parking spot it struck me that I have been here a lot in the last few months, enough so that I get that L.A. parking priority thing. You know, the phenomenon of visiting a place often enough that you have a second, third & fourth favorite parking area. And upstairs was just jumping! A bunch of people from IO including Kevin whom I did Video Circus with. He had his Mom in tow who was quite nice. I had a stimulating conversation with my friend Vicki, reconnected with John, a classmate from Caryn West's class and spoke briefly with Tim's fellow Groundling, Naughton,who may have summed it up best simply saying "man, everybody's here".

How's that for an assload of links?

I hopped around on a couch for a while for Joe Blake. I think it went alright but like any good improv audition 800 other bits pop into your head on the way out. Not for long though as I ran into a couple more folks then stopped off to rearrange a few things at LA casting. Earlier I had an interesting audition for with John Mulkeen. Did some dropoffs to CD's I haven't seen in a while(Chelsea)on the way out. I'm feeling some callback vibes and some gratitude for another action & audition packed week.


Elizabeth said...

You auditioning to play Tom Cruise?

Congrats on all the career hotness. :)

Bonnie said...

Beffers, get out of my head!!

Lipp said...

If I ever make it to Oprah's couch, I will jump on it just for you ladies.

Julie said...

Found your blog!

Hey - Kevin Farley and I share the same birthday... same year and everything.