Friday, September 09, 2005


Yesterday I accepted Commercial Representation from Origin Talent. Nice! That was one of the meetings I was talking about earlier. I had a good meeting with Janet last week, emailed her a list of CD's who regularly call me in, then dropped off a new reel I put together the following day.(I'm also an Editor if anyone out there needs a reel/film done) Tomorrow I go in to drop off some headshots & a photo CD and sign the papers. I'm looking forward to a great relationship & lots of flowing bookings both here & at Rogers Orion.


Bonnie said...

Hee hee. You snagged the logo I adapted. ;) Hee hee.

Hey, I emailed you about SMFA2 (re: your editorial goodness).

Congrats again!!

NiNi said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Bill!!! You SOOOOOOOO deserve it!!!

Lots of BOOKINGS. Yes, MANY! w00t w00t!!!

Lipp said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm ready for the bookings to enter my life too.
and i got the email, thanks. and the logo I have from a business card now is really the same,nice adaptation.