Thursday, September 22, 2005

and more

This week is turning out to be nice & full. It's been a while and it feels great. Got a call from Orion (the new theatrical rep, I'll stop saying "new" for my agents after this post),my first audition through him, for the new CBS drama"Close to Home" with CD Janet Gilmore on the Sony lot. This was my first time reading for Janet & I enjoyed it. We talked about Jersey a bit, I read my couple-a lines, got a few redirects, which was nice, often you don't, especially on a small co-star role. Felt pretty good.
I didn't have much time to research what else was cast on this lot. So after I dropped a couple friends shots in the McConnel/Gilmore box I went on a little search for CD's. After no success from hoofing it & asking a couple friendly faces I called a couple guys like Hal & Tim & everyone was as clueless as me or not near their computers. Since I was feeling my 'wandering around without notice' clock ticking down I decided to save any drops for next time.

Audition for an AFI thesis film. I play the father of a troubled teen. The read was fine & I liked the CD. Onward.

Callback! The Jewelry spot for Lisa Fields and I'm kinda psyched to get this one as it's from my first audition through Origin. This time it's in Santa Monica at the production office. I was driving down there a little early after coming from the Dad audition so I figured I'd grab some lunch close by rather than stay in Hollywood & tempt the traffic gods. Good thing , because Janet calls asking if I can be there an hour early! "Why yes I can." An odd callback, once they had 8 people collected, they marched us in and stood us in a line. Then one of the producers does the slow look up & down the line & all the sudden its 3rd grade & I want to get picked early so I don't look like a goober. He points to a blond Gal .....& then me, Yeah I'm on the kickball team! We do a short improv and get stopped fairly quickly. Some more whispering ensues. "Thank you". Wow, that was quick, no more kickball so I go find some lunch.

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