Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Just back from the Chiro, there may be happy spine in my future! Happy spine = more relaxed actor. I turned a friend on to this Doc & (our appointments were close apparently)she left me a note on my car saying she loves her. First I thought it was a ticket, then realized it wasn't, bonus, then saw it was a fun note, double bonus.

Got some "new agent" mailers out yesterday, more going today. I've been fooling around with how I want my database. I'd like to be able to print off all kinds of groups of CD's which I can do from Address Book, but I like how I can search iCal with a CD's name & it shows me all callbacks, auditions, mailers, etc. I need 1 more notch of integration or something. Or perhaps just duplicate info...'notes' Section of address book? I'm up for any feedback on this one. Just not software that rhymes with "golden dog" & I prefer not to get a MS suite. I do have Appleworks (has a database / spreadsheet/ word processor) but it is being phased out & last time I checked did not synch up with Address Book.

Got a direct call to come in & audition for an Industrial Film. That's nice...except it was for a certain controversial church group thing thank you. Good to be asked though. How's that for a positive.

While just looking for a couple Apple links I saw that there is new, cool stuff available today:
This one just might have my name all over it. (pic should be link)

Also, I just received a cmail thanking me for a submission & inviting me to send tape for future projects. That's nice of them (well, I'm pretty sure it's nice, I'll check them out before I send tape of course)

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Bonnie said...

I'm still in a post-chiro coma. Thanks, bro.

Tried to tear the paper for the note in such a way as to suggest THIS IS A TICKET, so I'm glad that gag worked. ;)

I used my Palm Pilot (back in my acting days) for what you're trying to do. The Palm Desktop software worked great, syncing up w/ my computer and giving lots of search options both on the handheld and the Mac.

That said...

I'm not loving the way the SixHundy is syncing (or NOT syncing) with Palm Desktop in Tiger (grrrrrrr) and I'm considering going over to iSync for the fix, but that's going to cause about a zillion duplicates in my handheld, if memory serves from my last switch in Palm software.


Anyway, as I left the chiro this morning, I saw an actor friend from 1999 who recently did a staged reading with Keith. Small world! And it seems your chiro is very industry-friendly.

She gave me homework! Ack!

Thanks again, bro. XXOO and good luck w/ your organizational prowess. LMK what you come up with, as I may be following.