Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It's raining in L.A. People still freak out and the roads start out a little slick. Which delays things at the day-job somewhat. I'm rarely there anyway but today I am, with the rain traffic & me having to rush to the audition. Murphy's Law? Well, amazingly I was not late to work . We were running late but I had my superfast rout all planned to Judy Elkins office.

Check my messages at lunch & it's my new agent Janet at Origin calling to give me another appointment. Cool, 2 auditions to right outa the gate! Can I get there at 2:15? Since work usually gets out around 3 - 3:15 this is a no go but she will call to see if I can get in there late. Perfect, it's nearby at Lisa Fields Casting & She'll call to see how late they'll go.

Call to check in and Saveon cancelled my character. D'oh! No more fishing Dad. However the other spot, JD Robins jewelers is going 'till "4 or whenever they finish". I haul ass & get there just as they are shutting down & they let me go in! Very nice guys running the session here, they even gave me a minute to cool down ( I ran from my parking spot) in my jeans & paisley shirt...for this upscale casual audition, LOL.

It was a 20 second interview type audition asking about the best gift I ever gave a woman. I answered truthfully about a camping first date at a little secret hot-spring in CO. I thought my read went well, maybe a little rushed but real.

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