Sunday, September 04, 2005


So I'm out in Hollywood getting my head screwed on tight & get a cmail from actors access. Hmmmm... the callbacks for 3 Sisters were to be today, could this be it? Why didn't they just call? Let's see if I can get online from my phone to the cmail. No luck. That's ok, I can just pop home to check email, after all I'd have to change, etc. If going to the c/b anyway. So I get home and its not the c/b for 3 sisters but a new audition for an Indie film. So that's good news... and I'm not going to be negative about the play a) because we still don't know yet, and 2) I know I went in there & did my job. It felt good, they laughed, liked my stuff, re-directed, liked what I did with that. I can honestly say I feel good about it. And regarding the previous post(nervous, etc) I worked on breathing & relaxing before going in...good stuff.


marion009 said...

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Good luck!

Lipp said...

Well, my first Blog spam. You fuckheads will do anything to get your shit into the lives of people. I encourage everyone reading this to click on the product this spammer is advertising and never use it in their lifetime. If you feel motivated, tell all your friends not to ever use it as well.

Otherwise, life is good. I just had lunch with my buddy & his 6 year old. It was great!

Lets end by getting even more positive & all send good vibes to the hurricane victims and other less fortunate folks around the globe.