Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Callback today for the Megan Morman film from last week. It felt a little flat, although it kind of felt like that last week & here I am at the callback. Ya never know. Do it, get out & start workin on the next one.

Went to scriptwrights Monday night. Its always a good time there & we get to play a lot of roles, practice cold reading, good stuff. Just found out my friends Alice & Robin from here are both nominated for Ovation Awards. Awesome! Congrats ladies!

Sent out bunches of postards so far this week. Going to get in class of some sort this or next week. Looking forward the bountiful bookings in my life.

Possible student film audition tomorrow.

HAVE to get taxes going this week, plus a bunch of other annoying shit that will free itself from my head once completed. Ahhhhh, happy fluffy clouds.

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